Reconstruction of schools post Typhoon Haiyan


The recent typhoon has devastated schools in the Philippines.

The world class library at Cassisdy Elementary School, in Carigara, Leyte destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan

BOOKS for the BARRIOS is concentrating on efforts to find sponsors to fund our ongoing humanitarian disaster relief operations throughout the Philippines. As the instituted action agency of the Philippine Government that rehabilitates, on a continuing basis, deprived public schools that have been devastated by war, natural disasters, and corruption, our mission is promoting peace and fighting poverty through education.

Damaged library at Tacloban Model School after typhoon Haiyan

Had the squatters massed along the beach in Tacloban been better educated, they might have stood a greater chance of responding to the dangers of winds and ocean surge that accompany the seasonal typhoons that continually plague the eastern seaboard. BOOKS for the BARRIOS is dedicated to enhancing the basic literacy of those populations so that they may act to better defend themselves from their constant exposure to the elements of nature.

Two of our seventy-one BOOKS for the BARRIOS National “Model-of-Excellence Schools” Program sites, located in Carigara, Leyte that were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) are receiving our priority at this time. We are seeking direct funding to support this endeavor.

Please consider making a direct financial contribution to BOOKS for the BARRIOS so that the child victims of the recent typhoon can return to functional schools as soon as possible.

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