Make a positive impact

Be a champion of a noble cause. This young boy first came to us as 5th grader with his class fieldtrip. The empowering and learning experience he had while he was here never left him. Eight years later he was back as an Eagle Scout to do do his project with us.
You can make a difference through your donations or volunteering with us and make a positive impact on the lives of children in impoverished and conflicted areas in the Philippines. Partner with us to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy and give hope and show a path of enlightenment through the power of your simple gift of love.

  • Through your donations you will support our effort to provide quality educational resources to remote barrio schools in the Philippines.
  • Your donations will allow us to continue with teacher training programs which include the instruction of teaching the culture of reading to eager yet book starved children.
  • Your contributions directly reach the recipient schools through our partner Libro para sa Barrio Foundation, Philippines. This arrangement brings millions of pounds of educational material to thousands of deprived, distressed and underserved public elementary schools in remote areas.