Help us reach Them

What a coincidence!! The article from National Geographic magazine these little girls happened to open was about them! They are the ” Badjao tribe” in Jolo, ­Philippines. Thanks to the relentless efforts put in by Books for the Barrios, the established charity instituted by the Philippine Department of Education there are now 2 world class schools  well equipped with books, learning materials and toys in their ­remote village. These and other girls now have access to excellent quality books and other educational material which they would have otherwise never been able to enjoy.

BftB is an ALL volunteer East Bay area non-profit organization.BftB aims to improve the quality of education for underprivileged youth in deprived communities especially in the Philippines. BftB has given the gift of education to millions of children through its powerful, effective and culturally sensitive programs.

To date BftB has sent over 14 million books overseas, trained teachers in ­developing countries in modern methods of teaching and established over 70 ­­” ­Model-of-Excellence” schools in Philippines.

The BftB Model School program transforms selected large, severely deprived ­elementary schools into world-class institutions of learning by development of curriculum and instruction backed by resource materials and consulting from BftB. We have transformed 70 impoverished Barrio (village) into ” Model of Excellence” schools. This program improves and equips schools with  libraries, books, learning resources and computers. It sets a new national standard of education and helps assure that the materials shipped are used as effectively as possible.