Troop Support

Philippines Navy unloading boat containing  boxes full of books and educational material sent by BftB

Philippines Navy unloading boat containing boxes full of books and educational material sent by BftB

BOOKS for the BARRIOS sends resources to American military combat forces engaged in peace operations in the Philippines. The educational material support the troops local humanitarian aid projects.
Our education programs have been instituted by the Philippine Department of Education. Over the years we have established a comprehensive partnership with the Philippine Armed Forces National Development Support Command (AFP-NDSC) that was formed to direct soft operation poverty fighting (counter insurgency, fourth generation war) as a primary, formal military strategy to promote peace in the most dangerous areas of the Southern Mindanao.
The pact will establish a seamless pipeline for the transfer of thousands of tons of high-quality education resources sourced by BOOKS for the BARRIOS from America, through AFP-NDSC, to deprived, depressed, under-served public schools throughout the Philippines.

Storytime with the troops

Storytime with the troops- Officers enjoy reading while on their humanitarian mission in conflict ridden regions

When American Special Forces operators began to deploy to the theater in 2006, BOOKS for the BARRIOS, having conducted extensive educational aid programs continuously in the area for 25 years, immediately inaugurated a wide-ranging close combat support liaison with our soldiers downrange. Over the ensuing six years, 150 tons of school supplies have been delivered directly to Philippine and American military units who have completed aggressive civic development projects throughout the areas they protect. With BOOKS for the BARRIOS logistic and training support, troops have rebuilt schools destroyed by insurgents, formed soccer leagues, hosted teacher training seminars, and created precious school libraries wherever communities suffer. These successful peace promoting missions have encouraged sustained local political support for public education while earning the trust and appreciation of the people.

Story time with the troops

Story time with the troops

Working to identify our operators and their hosts with provision of quality education opportunity for the children they serve creates autonomous development and stimulates local democracy. Philippine combat commanders report that the children of the rebels now carry books instead of their father’s rifle; recipient mothers explain that poverty is no hindrance once their children get the books; and the population reports IED activity. Everyone contributes their share, everyone shares the peace.