Girls enjoy reading books

Girls enjoy reading their favorite books in their own classroom and in their library.  Books donated from American schools,  are sent to schools in the Barrios. This project started by BOOKS for the BARRIOS  allows schools and children in the USA the opportunity to share… Read More

East Bay Charity builds libraries in the Philippines

Without books children of the rainforest are helpless.Through your donation support us in providing little girls like this one with good quality books and other educational material to their library. We are a East Bay charity engaged in… Read More

Positive feedback of our work from students and teachers keeps us going !

Positive feedback of our work keeps our spirits high! Here is a  letter of appreciation from a teacher in the Bayong Elementary School , Guindulman, Bohol in the Philippines sent to us in April 1991. ” I have the… Read More

Article in about shift towards rebuilding schools and teacher training

We are happy to bring to you an article about our shift towards rebuilding schools and training teachers in the Philippines written by Alexander Drechshler , correspondent at Inquirer.Net and columnist at San Francisco Post.  Below you will… Read More

Field Trips Benefit The Local Community

Field Trips

We offer field trips for children in the San Francisco East Bay.  These field trips benefit the local community while helping needy children abroad.  We involve U.S. school children in activities that provide real help to others.  Their… Read More

A Field Trip Like No Other

  At Books for the Barrios, we have always believed in providing children who visit our facility a unique and empowering experience. Kids learn about Filipino children, learn to recycle and reuse their resources and that they can… Read More

More Field Trips Ahead!

Consider signing up for our next field trip. Our charity benefits the local community while helping needy children abroad.  Through our local Field Trip and Environmental Programs, we involve U.S. school children in breaking the cycle of poverty,… Read More

Reconstructing Destroyed Schools

We are concentrating on efforts to find sponsors to fund our ongoing humanitarian disaster relief operations throughout the Philippines. As the instituted action agency of the Philippine Government that rehabilitates, on a continuing basis, deprived public schools that… Read More

Welcome Class Field Trips

This week we hosted students and parents for a tour of our headquarters facility at Concord, California. BOOKS for the BARRIOS, Inc. offers a field trip opportunity that builds the self-esteem of students by empowering them to reach… Read More