About Us


BOOKS for the BARRIOS (BftB) is an all ­volunteer non-profit organization( 501(c)(3), Tax ID # 68 O241582) that began in 1981 and operates out of its headquarters in the San Francisco East Bay, in Walnut Creek,  California.

BftB aims to improve the quality of education for underprivledged youth in deprived ­communities around the world with our focus being on deprived, depressed regiosn in the Philippines. Through our powerful, effective and ­culturally ­sensitive programs we continue to empower American children to be leaders in the global community and give the gift of education to millions of ­children.

BOOKS for the BARRIOS began in 1981 among U.S. Navy families who were stationed in the Philippines. From 1981 to 1986, they worked closely with other knowledgeable, motivated volunteers as well as the U.S. Navy and Philippines Airlines to distribute hundreds of thousands of books throughout the Philippines. American children play a pivotal role in building and driving the organization’s vision and operations. Growth of the organization into a worldwide project has been through the emphasis of the contribution and critical role of all participants, whether staff or volunteers.

Many developing countries are suffering from a “brain drain” losing many of its educated population for opportunities abroad, especially their most qualified teachers. The effects are widespread but strengthening the education is the key element in securing economic development and a better quality of life for citizens around the world.

To date BftB  has sent over 16 million books overseas, trained teachers in developing ­countries in modern methods of teaching and established over 70 ” Model-of-Excellence” schools in Philippines.

The BftB Model School program transforms selected large, severely deprived elementary schools into world-class institutions of learning by development of curriculum and instruction backed by resource materials and consulting from BftB.

Our BftB Donor Children’s Program is an outstanding vehicle for American students to express their compassion. Thousands of ­youngsters have participated in ­academic class field trips to BftB headquarters in the East Bay, CA and have ­conducted reuse donation drives at their schools. Their teachers report that the children were ­profoundly transformed by their­experience.