• Help us Reach Them

    Help us reach Them

    What a coincidence!! The article from National Geographic magazine these little girls happened to open was about them! They are the ” Badjao tribe” in Jolo, ­Philippines. Thanks to the relentless efforts put in by Books for the… Read More

  • 12  Polo South library reading section

    Quality Education and Teacher Training – Nation building for a true democracy.

    To date BftB has transformed 70 impoverished ­Barrio (village) into ” Model of ­Excellence”schools. The program has been instituted by the Philippine Department of Education from 2001. Member sites are tracked and monitored continuously. From 2001 all other… Read More

  • Service-Learning-Fieldtrip

    Make a positive impact

    Be a champion of a noble cause. This young boy first came to us as 5th grader with his class fieldtrip. The empowering and learning experience he had while he was here never left him. Eight years later… Read More

  • Typhoon Haiyan Devastated Philippine Schools

    Reconstruction of schools post Typhoon Haiyan

      The recent typhoon has devastated schools in the Philippines. BOOKS for the BARRIOS is concentrating on efforts to find sponsors to fund our ongoing humanitarian disaster relief operations throughout the Philippines. As the instituted action agency of… Read More

  • Army officer reads to a group of girls. Military units stationed in conflict ridden areas promote peace in the areas they protect through civic development projects.

    Troop Support

    BOOKS for the BARRIOS sends resources to American military combat forces engaged in peace operations in the Philippines. The educational material support the troops local humanitarian aid projects. Our education programs have been instituted by the Philippine Department… Read More